There is a piece in the Oxford Mail about three GP surgeries moving into a new building on the corner of Cornmarket St and Market St.  This is something that has been under consideration for some time but the majority of these discussions between the developer (Jesus College) and the institutions acting on behalf of the NHS, have been on a confidential basis. 

We fully intend to consult with our patients and staff about this proposal to relocate but it is premature to do so at present, as the scheme remains hypothetical until it has both the backing of the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG) and planning consent.  The story in the paper presents as fact something which is still far from certain.  It will only become possible when both the OCCG and the City Council decide to back the scheme.  If they do not agree then it cannot go ahead.

We had hoped that the OCCG would have made a decision by now, so that we could begin to hold conversations with our patients, and others affected by the possible move, but unfortunately this is not the case. 

We wish to emphasise that any move would not be a merger but rather a co-location of the three practices, which has the benefit of offering certain efficiencies.  We are all committed to remaining as small practices, since we believe this is the best model for delivering high-quality, personalised continuity of care.

We think this could be an exciting opportunity to ensure our continued city-centre presence for decades to come.  We will be providing further information via the practice website as soon as we have more news about the proposal.

Published: Jul 14, 2020