COVID booster vaccination offered to the most vulnerable

The NHS is now offering a Spring COVID-19 vaccine booster jab to people aged 75 and over and to peopel aged 12 and over who are immunosuprssed. 

The current advice is that if you are in these groups, you should have a Spring booster six months after your third jab to offer the best protection against becoming seriously ill from COVID. 

If you are in these groups and a registered patient at this practice, you will be contacted by us and invited to make an appointment for your jab at our vaccination clinic in Jericho Health Centre when it is your turn.  We expect to be offering booster jabs from 06 April.  Please wait to be contacted by the practice to make your appointment with us.

Patients, if they prefer, may also book an appointment at one of several national vaccination centres through the National booking system or by phoning 119.  You may also receive a letter from the NHS inviting you to book your Spring booster this way.  More details are available at 

Anyone aged 12 and over, and some children aged 5 to 11, who have not yet had thier complete course of the vaccination are also able to book thier COVID vaccinations using the NHS COVID vaccination online booking system to find appointments at a time and place that are convenient to you.  Those who find using the online system difficult may wish to telephone 119 instead. 

We urge everyone who is not yet fully vaccinated to make an appoitment.  Vaccination not only protects you but all those around you!

Because the NHS booking system manages these arrangements nationally you can choose where to book.  It offers appoinntments at mass vaccination sites (such as the Kassam Stadium) and selected pharmacies, and other conveneint locations, so you can book your appointment at a variety of sites, including those in other parts of the country if you are not currently in Oxford.

Please visit the NHS website or the Oxfordshire CCG website  for more information.   

Published: Mar 24, 2022