Primary Care Networks (PCN)

The three practices in Northgate Health Centre are part of the Oxford Central Primary Care Network (PCN), which serves a total of 40,000 patients.  The other two practice in our PCN are Dr Leaver & Partners and the Observatory Practice, which are both located in Jerico Health Centre (which you may have visited for your COVID vaccination).

PCNs are groups of GP practices working together with a range of local providers to offer more personalised and coordinated health and social care to their local populations.  For further information see here

The aims of the PCN are to develop integrated teams of general practice, community health and social care staff, to improve the accessibility and delivery of a much wider range of health and social care to patients. This will help the local NHS tackle the challenges and pressures it faces pressure while improving patient care.

The new premises have been designed so we work as independent practices, but ensuring other local services are incorporated with us.  We intend to partner with local organisations and become a ‘community hub’ providing access to diverse and increased community-based care.