How we store your historic paper-based patient records

From January 2022, as part of NHS England’s agenda to reduce the use of paper and advance to a core level of digitisation, KES@Northgate will no longer hold any of our historic paper-based patient medical records (commonly known as Lloyd George medical notes) on its premises.  Instead the paper records will be held at an off-site storage facility.  The facility incorporates on-demand scanning capability, helping us to meet digital needs and enabling better utilization of valuable practice space and the expansion of primary care capacity.

Restore Records Management’, the provider of the storage facility, provides an enhanced safe and secure full end-to-end document management solution for the scanning and storage of sensitive documents.  This includes, for example, the secure handling, scanning, transportation, storage and retrieval of documents. 

The supplier has been vetted and complies with a range of accreditations including but not limited to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

If you wish to discuss the scheme, please inform the Practice direct either by letter or via e-mail